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Instructions v3

First of all - you need money to improve your skills. Good ways to get your hands on some cash are personal donations (via the donations link), busking or selling the For Hobo Magazine.
You can find the donations link in the overview. If someone visits this link you will automatically receive a small donation.
The amount of the donation depends on:
• your pet's sympathy factor
• your work place
• your cleanliness
• the number of players you have recruited
Busking is another good way to earn some money. In music level 1 you are given a grass whistle, which will help you get your first small income. After that you can get a new instrument for every second music upgrade.
Please remember that you need a large enough container to keep all that money in! You can find them under [Accessories]. If your container is too small for the money you earn (donations, pet fights, busking, fights won) you will lose it! You are not entitled to any compensation.

By selling the For Hobo Magazine your cleanliness decreases! Geld bekommst du für deine Flaschen, wenn du sie aus dem Inventar verkaufst.
Der Verkaufspreis steht nicht fest. Er schwankt je nach der Anzahl gesammelten Flaschen im Verhältnis zu den verkauften Flaschen. Den aktuellen Kurs siehst Du in der Statusanzeige. Eine Übersicht über den Kursverlauf findest Du ebenfalls im Inventar. Die grüne Kurve gibt den höchsten Kurs in der jeweiligen Stunde an, die rote Kurve den jeweils niedrigsten Kurs pro Stunde.

Concentration helps to speed up your educational time. Keep practising your "concentration" - you need it to multi-task.
Cancelling concentration will automatically terminate all educational courses.

The outcome of a crime you want to commit depends on your dexterity.
If the crime goes awry you have to pay a fine.


The supermarket offers you a choice selection of alcohol. The blood alcohol calculator shows you how much you should drink to reach your desired alcohol level. The alcohol level affects your mood, which in turn affects other things like:
The length of further education courses: The better your mood, the more enthusiasm you show for educational courses. If you're in a good mood you are actually willing to learn something without being told a million times.
Fights: Happy chappies don't want to fight. You have to be in a miserable and agressive mood to stand a chance of winning a fight and relieve your opponent of his hard earned cash.
Hospital: If you overdo it and reach the magic 4.00‰ then off you go to hospital. It would be handy to have health insurance at this point. For your information: 0.00‰ you're in a bad mood and are aggresive, 1.00‰ you're throwing a huff, 2.50‰ you're looking good and feeling fine, 3.50‰ you're still alright, but watch out! 4.00‰ your life is in danger!
By eating food - available in the supermarket - you can reduce your blood alcohol level. So you know, drinks and food don't eat themselves. You have to access them in your inventory to consume them.

Your home keeps you dry and safe. It also protects you from attackers. You don't move to another district automatically if you buy a new home. Dependent on: Networking.

A cup and a cardboard sign - the new mobile office. Find yourself a good work place and reap the rewards. Further education unlocks more work places which you can then buy.

You're able to sell different quantities of magazines in the various districts (you can find out how many potential customers there are by left clicking on the district). You can move to another district anytime, provided that you have enough money. Please also note the information on hobo homes.
You only have to buy a district once - it is saved automatically and you can move there anytime you want - for free.

Further education helps to unlock new items in the game, and will bring you closer to your dream of owning le Chateau de Hobo. Through further education you receive points. The points value is calculated by multiplying the base value of the course and the number of the next level. (e.g.: Base Value (10) x Next Level(5) = 50 Points) If you drop out from a course you get 80% of the value refunded.
Attack() and Defence() base value: 5. Effect: fighting system, defence reduces the amount of money you can lose during a fight. Please note that unlocked weapons have to be used under [Inventory].
Dexterity base value: 5. Effect: From level 20 it is possible to see attacks from other players coming. Also, the higher your dexterity the more For Hobo Magazines you will be able to sell.
Speech - effect: needed for networking
Educational level - effect: new work places
Music - effect: unlocks new instruments. Needed for educational level and networking.
Networking - effect: unlocks new hobo homes and pets.
Pick pocketing - effect: increases the yield of donations.
If you click on a "course" you can see what skills are needed to start the next upgrade.

Cleanliness is essential for getting donations. If you're a stinker you won't get the maximum possible donation amount.
For every 10 minutes you are out selling magazines your cleanliness drops by 10%. The total percentage will be deducted at the end of your selling expedition, when you click on a new activity.

Cleanliness has no effect on the outcome of fights or on your magazine selling success.


You're entitled to 15 days holiday in every round. The number of days you actually use is up to you.
NOTE: you have to wait 30 days after a holiday before you can go on a new holiday (even if you were away for just one day). You can cancel a holiday, but that will be expensive!
Effects: Since you're not out busking anymore your income will be zero. And you only get 70% of the donation money. You can't fight - but other players can't attack you either. You can still do a further education course and sell magazines.

Your tramp - and yes, your pet too - can enter fights and win points and money.
a) Tramp fights
Under[Let's fight] you get a list of all players you can attack, sorted by points. After you have attacked a player it will take two hours until the fight actually starts. You can't start a fight when you're doing another activity at the same time (selling magazines for example). You can attack a player only once every 36 hours.
b) Pet fights
To start a pet fight you have to activate your pet's fight profile.

[Let's fight] -> [Pet fights] -> [Fight profil]


There are various awards to be won.
If you qualify for an award you can unlock it.
Battle tested: You get this award after successfull fights.
Bronze (after 100 victories)
Silver (after 200 victories)
Gold (after 400 victories)
Platinum (after 800 victories)

Top player: every day the 7 best players on the high score table receive ranking points.
Bronze (minimum 300 ranking points)
Silver (minimum 700 ranking points)
Gold (minimum 1200 ranking points)

Position 7 = 1 point
Position 6 = 2 points
Position 5 = 4 points
Position 4 = 8 points
Position 3 = 16 points
Position 2 = 32 points
Position 1 = 64 points

All unlocked and selected awards will be listed in your profile.


Every player can form a gang. This player will automatically be the administrator for the gang. The size of the gang is limited to 30 players. The gang can improve in the following ways:

An armoury increases the attacking strength of the individual members.
A gang lair increases the defensive stength of the individual members.
Gang training increases the dexterity of the individual members (this doesn't currently apply to magazine selling!).
A gang account increases the income of all gang members (donations!).
A gang lair can only be bought when before 3 o'clock in the morning the money and also the gang points are available. Only the administrator or optionally the co-administrator can execute the transactions.